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What I really love about them… is the fact that they contain someone’s personal history…I find myself wondering about their lives. I can never look at a garment… without thinking about the woman who owned it. How old was she? Did she work? Was she married? Was she happy?… I look at these exquisite shoes, and I imagine the woman who owned them rising out of them or kissing someone…I look at a little hat like this, I lift up the veil, and I try to imagine the face beneath it… When you buy a piece of vintage clothing you’re not just buying the fabric and thread – you’re buying a piece of someone’s past.”
― Isabel Wolff, A Vintage Affair

Brown leather boots natural light photography

Boots Custard Cottage | Canon EOS 60D | 24mm F2.8 1/50 ISO200


Plus my boots were made of awesome.”
― Gwen Hayes, Let Me Call You Sweetheart


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Slippers Custard Cottage | Canon EOS 60D | 85mm F2.8 1/160 ISO320


He had on bunny slippers.
These had fangs.
They all stared at them in silence for about a heartbeat, and then Shane said,
“That is impressively wicked. Crazy, but wicked.”

― Rachel Caine, Fade Out

#naturallight #moidutoi #boots

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