Is this essential class for me?

YES! If you:

  • Are desperate to capture consistently beautiful images, no more lucky shots!
  • Are serious about taking better photos & determined to capture frame-worthy images
  • Are intimidated by all the dials & buttons & want to make the most of your camera’s capabilities
  • Have a burning desire to go beyond shooting in fully automatic mode
  • Would love to take the pictures you’ve always longed for of your family and pets
  • Know an aspiring photographer who would love a gift voucher for this class
  • Are a brand new DSLR camera owner and don’t have a clue where to start with photography
  • Have a camera gathering dust in a cupboard because you keep putting off learning how to use it

For only US $99 transform your photography from “meh…” to “Yeah!”  (convert to your currency here)

SOUTH AFRICANS : Please note due to the weakening rand a special price of R1195 applies, for this reason South African students do not purchase through Paypal.  Please contact me here for special payment instructions.



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