Learning how to take consistently good photographs on purpose

This is my very first post on my brand new shiny blog about my quest to take consistently good photographs on purpose. Everybody manages to get lucky now and then and produce those lovely photos that leave friends “oohing” and “aahing” using words like “fantastic” and “awesome shot”.  That’s all very fine and dandy but those kind of photographs don’t make me feel good and instead of being buoyed up when people admire my photographs I feel panicky, out of control and under pressure because I don’t know if I can produce that same quality again.  I don’t enjoy feeling like that and I aim to do something about it.

Enter stage left, Brooke Snow, ta-daah! Brooke is an amazing photographer, hosts an extremely helpful blog as well as offering online photography classes.  The student reviews from her classes are very encouraging not to mention the glowing recommendations from equally talented photographers like Elizabeth Halford.

I’m all signed up for the Basics Class that starts on the 27th of February and runs for 5 weeks, so watch this space to see how I get on!

6 thoughts on “Learning how to take consistently good photographs on purpose”

  1. I am so jealous, I really wish I could join you for this course. Your photos have been getting better and more interesting. Best of luck, I will follow you with interest.


    1. High praise indeed, coming from you. I wish we could do it together too! Thanks for commenting.


    1. It’s my friends little girl, I snapped her pic while she was deeply engrossed in a kiddies movie on her moms computer, she is a real cutie!



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