The far side of my lens – 2

I need to take my mind off an impending 60 minute session with the dentist on Friday, yikes! and also a break from photographing pets.  More practice is definitely in order with regard to backdrops, window light and posing, so I was inspired by a fellow WordPress blogger, Carissa from the Neophyte photographer to try a few more self portraits and also practice posing my “Dear One”.

I like the side lighting in this shot, it adds some drama to the image and the pose is strong but not aggressive. We are using a sheet as a backdrop which I’m not wild about but okay in a pinch I suppose.

This was the first one we tried, I don’t like the lighting and the smiles look fake, the trick is to keep our faces on the same plane so that both pairs of eyes are sharp, we got better as we went on.

This shot I was too far back in the image for my eyes to be in sharp focus…

This one was a bit better but I kept forgetting to take my glasses off the top of my head, it’s much easier to take photos of other people…

I would pose Terry and then run like heck to pose myself as the camera timer counted down 10 seconds, so much hilarity ensued

This is my favourite shot, I like the lighting and both pairs of eyes are quite sharp and we were having fun.

All my love

moi ♥

12 thoughts on “The far side of my lens – 2”

  1. Moi, I love them all. Love the one of Terry “mulling”. He takes really good photos my friend. I also love the last one, so typically the two of you when you have your funny moments…but I am liking the other more serious ones two, shows a different more “warm” side, for wants of a better word…love love love these


  2. It looks like you have LOTS of fun. Wow I didnt know that eyes had to be at the same plane and distance from the camera. xS


    1. Well it’s a fairly close up shot and when grouping people it’s good to try and get them all on the same plane. Lots of things come into play, how close the camera is to the subject, the distance the subject is from the background, what aperture you are using and what lens u arre using, but generally its a good idea to keep everyone on the same plane especially when the camera is close to the subjects.


  3. LOVE both your expressions in the last one…looks like there should be a noose around Terry’s neck that you’re holding onto!

    Hope you guys are well otherwise.

    Love and hugs xxx



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