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Pet Photography Poses – Jock & Ms L

I had the delightful experience this week of photographing the cutest Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy.  Jock is 11 weeks old and goes to work everyday with his Mom, Ms L.  Ms L takes him to work with her to keep him safe from thieves as there are hundreds of dogs like Jock stolen every year by dog fighting rings and used as bait or trained as fighting dogs.  This despicable practice of dog fighting is everywhere but particularly prevalent in South Africa in the Cape, so I urge you, wherever in the world you live,  if you own a pit bull, Staffy, Rottweiler or similar type dog, keep them safe from these criminals.

Jock was a real trooper and we managed to get some lovely shots of him…

Staffy puppy

Jock wasn’t too sure about the camera at first…

Staffy puppy

Relaxing on the fluffy white rug…

Staffy puppy

Grrr! If I could just catch one of those mice…

Staffy puppy

Hey! Where are you going with my mice?

Staffy puppy

Ugh! Kissing is for sissies!

Staffy puppy

If I’m very good will you bring my mice back?

Staffy puppy

Looking alert

Staffy Puppy

Reading/eating the paper

Staffy puppy

Day dreaming

Staffy puppy

After about 30 mins Jock was tired of posing and ready for a nap

You think dogs will not be in heaven? I tell you, they will be long before any of us.

– Robert Louis Stevenson

One of my favorite shots from the session

Thank you Jock and Ms L!

All my love

moi ♥

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