Claddagh knocker, natural light photography

Custard Cottage – Céad Míle Fáilte

Welcome to our new home!  After living like nomads and moving from place to place for the last four years, Terry and I, along with our little family of fur children finally have a place we can really call home.  As mentioned previously we bought an adorable little two bedroom cottage in the picturesque village of Sedgefield in the Western Cape and are the very first people to live in our little home.  Many of our household treasures have been in storage for over a year and unpacking them was such fun and so lovely to see old friends again.  Here are some images of my favorite things and places in our new home, Custard Cottage.

White front door, claddagh knocker, nazar and cead mile failte placque

Welcome to our new home!

Céad Míle Fáilte - brass plaque

Every front door needs one! Céad Míle Fáilte – an Irish phrase meaning “A hundred thousand welcomes!”

Brass Claddagh knocker

Claddagh knocker – more Irishness…

Turkish Nazar amulet

And just for fun, a Turkish Nazar, to ward off any evil eyes floating about…

Pot hanger

Space is at a premium so we had to get inventive, isn’t this pot hanger gorgeous?

Cottage kitchen

We thought “hearts and love” was an appropriate theme for our new little house

Cottage kitchen, utensils

More storage ideas: no wall space, so hanging utensils isn’t practical …

Gold framed mirror

So delighted to unpack our mirror & bring the outdoors – indoors

Stained glass standing lamp

We made this lamp about 10 years ago, Terry made the stand and I made the glass part, I still love it even after all this time…

Blue and white decorative ceramic balls

Something so delicious about blue & white…

Model cars on a window sill

We had to find place for some of Terry’s collectables, the sportscar with the caravan attached is just the cutest!

Faux sash windows, with cottage pane burglar proofing

I adore the soft light in this house, and the windows that go all the way to the floor…


Cottage Bathroom

One of my fave spaces, what more could I ask for?

Glass fairy globe

Glass fairy globe, gift from a great friend and something lovely to gaze at while languishing in the bath…

Towel rail and white towels

Huge fluffy white towels to wrap myself in…

Silver candle holder with tree etching

Beautiful silver tea light holders for long, candle lit soakings…

Angel statue holding puppy

An angel to watch over my pets…

Indian elephant dressing gown hanger

A silver Indian elephant to hang my robe on…

Pink heart hanger

Are you feeling the love yet?

Toilet roll holder

Fantastic invention, portable loo paper holder : no more twisting myself into a pretzel to reach for the loo paper!




Lavender & creepers ready for planting tomorrow


A special place for my beautiful Buddha head and prayer flags

Auspicious symbols, mantras and prayers are written on colourful Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags and the idea is that the wind blows through the flags and carries positive vibrations across the land.  Prayer flags are renowned to bring long life and prosperity to those in their vicinity and to those who hang them outside their homes.

Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags in a tree

Prayer flags blowing in the wind in our yellowwood tree above the Buddha head

Cape Cod style home, Sedgefield

Custard cottage, Sedgefield

There are many more spaces and places unmentioned but I have already posted way too many images so I must stop now but I’m sure you can see why we simply fell in love with Custard Cottage the minute we laid eyes on it!

All my love

moi ♥

19 thoughts on “Custard Cottage – Céad Míle Fáilte

  1. Margs says:

    Moi its sooooo gorgeous my friend…and the little globe looks too cute…and you have done a wonderful job with all the little special bits…


  2. Char Wessels says:

    What a beautiful gem you have found!! So quaint…so perfect! We will be sure to pop in at “Custard Cottage” our way through later this year.


  3. Tessa Moreton says:

    What can I say – idyllic, like something out of a movie. Just gorgeous. But you have always made your homes so welcoming and cosy. I love it – please can I have it. Temp today with wind chill factor is sub zero but its blue sky and, dare I say it, sunshine! Kissies


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