Winter is on it’s way – Ordinary life

Living in the Southern Hemisphere we are experiencing Autumn at the moment but Winter is hard on its heels, it’s time to dig out the woollens methinks.  The Western Cape is a winter rainfall region but this Easter weekend Nature was flexing her “rain muscles” and we had a taste of that rainy weather with a couple of thunderstorms and some lightning thrown in for good measure.

Our house aka Custard cottage, is a Cape Cod style cottage built both on stilts and on a slope so the front of the house is at street level but the back of the house needs a staircase to get down to the back garden.  When we sit on our deck, at the side of the house, it feels just like a tree-house with the topmost part of some of the garden trees at the same height as the deck.

At night, when the rain lashes down and the winds blow in off the sea over the sand dunes, our little wooden tree-house creaks and bumps and the thrumming of the rain on the galvanised roof is like a lullaby.

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We spent the whole rainy Easter weekend indoors, eating yummy treats and staying warm, I even got to try out my new cosy dressing gown and slippers.  How was your Easter weekend?

All my love

moi ♥

2 thoughts on “Winter is on it’s way – Ordinary life”

  1. I have a spare set of water-wings if you need them. 😉 We also “enjoyed” 4 days of non-stop rain – the garden is so incredibly grateful as is our water tank which was nearly empty.
    🙂 Mandy xo



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