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This image is of Patchouli, my own bundle of grumpiness joy staring through the sitting room window at birds on the deck and in order to get this image I had to sneak up on her by photographing her from outside the house.  Cats are contrary creatures and if you have ever tried to photograph a cat you’ll know that it’s not always easy.  Those fiendish felines have a mind of their own and if they don’t want to do something you can stand on your head or bounce off the walls and it won’t make any difference.  Despite that, we all adore our cats don’t we? The best advice I can give you when photographing your own furry darling is be patient and be ready, so that when the opportunity arises you’ll be able to capture that special moment, chances are your cat will only give you one chance to get it right!

Here’s a cute cartoon from Doug Savage that says it all…

Doug Savage

All my love

moi ♥


  1. I have been crawling around the past weekend trying desperately to get a few shots of our fur babies too but alas, they are refusing point blank – when they see the camera it’s as if they think its their cue to get up and tootle off. Will email you the couple I nearly got right later.
    🙂 Mandy xo


    1. Try switching off the beep sound your camera makes when it focusses (its in your camera menu) and see if that fools them a bit. Also try letting them smell your camera and then give them a treat and then press the shutter and give a treat and press the shutter – might work. Otherwise go into stealth mode 🙂


    2. You are brilliant! Right, will give it all a go, otherwise, stealth mode it is! Think my 3 will be putting on a bit of weight the next short while with all the treats. 🙂 xo



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