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“But it did not all happen in a day, this giving over of himself, body and soul, to the man-animals. He could not immediately forego his wild heritage and his memories of the Wild. There were days when he crept to the edge of the forest and stood and listened to something calling him far and away.”

― Jack London, White Fang


Husky puppy-2290, puppy photography, western Cape, Bacardi

Huskies are described as the behavioral representative of the domestic dog’s forebear, the wolf, exhibiting a wide range of its ancestors’ behavior and are known to howl rather than bark.  On that note, I introduce you to Bacardi, a seriously cute male Siberian Husky puppy.

Pet photography, puppy photography, husky, western Cape, Bacardi

Ah yes the howling, the howling is how we became acquainted with little Bacardi  who lives across the road from our house (next door to Sam Smith, you can read about Sam here).  One day, soon after he came to live across the road from our house, Bacardi was left at home alone and that’s when the howling began…

Pet photography, puppy photography, husky, western Cape, Bacardi

The entire day from 8 am until his owner returned after 5 in the evening, that puppy howled almost non stop, it very nearly did my head in.

Pet photography, puppy photography, husky, western Cape, Bacardi

When the same thing happened the following day, despite me making a few visits to his house and speaking to him through a thin crack in their back gate, I even stuffed some dog biscuits through the crack in an effort to quiet to poor little guy down but to no avail.  I made sure that evening to speak to his owner and offered to babysit the little howler until she could make other arrangements.  As it turned out we did babysit him for one day, so what else could I do but use the opportunity to do a pet photography shoot of the beautiful boy?

Pet photography, puppy photography, husky, western Cape, Bacardi

What a playful little guy, you can see in some of the images when he is biting or snatching at the toy mouse how the area on top of his snout between his eyes, pulls up and together just like a little wolf.  He would run around and play and then collapse in a heap and sleep for a while to recharge his batteries.

Pet photography, puppy photography, husky, western Cape, Bacardi

Paddy and Ruby were not overly impressed with the little usurper running around and taking over their kingdom but they were gentle and tolerated him fairly well except for Paddy acting up a little and barking madly at the slightest provocation.  My cat, Patchouli, on the other hand,  took herself off to the shed to sulk.

His eyes are so beautiful.  Husky eye colours are ice blue, dark blue, amber, brown or any combination thereof.

Pet photography, puppy photography, husky, western Cape, Bacardi

He is, after all, just a baby…

On a more serious note.  SO YOU THINK YOU WANT A HUSKY?


Siberian huskies are wonderful, intelligent, loving dogs, but please do your research on this breed first before you go out and buy one.  Husky Rescue South Africa has the following to say on the matter:

A lot of our rescue dogs have been bought as expensive puppies by owners who did not do their homework on Husky behaviour and just wanted a beautiful dog with the blue eyes and a few months later, when these cute puppies start behaving like sled dogs, they find themselves in rescue, on the streets or on death row at the SPCA.

HUSKIES HAVE HIGH ENERGY LEVELS AND NEED A LOT OF PHYSICAL EXERCISE  EVERY SINGLE DAY – If you are the type of person who likes nothing more than to come home from work, flop down on your sofa or bed and watch television while your Husky goes unexercised – then this is not the breed for you.

HUSKIES ARE VERY SMART AND NEED DAILY MENTAL STIMULATION – If you can provide your Husky with plenty of mental stimulation he will not resort to digging up your garden, chewing your washing or ripping your sprinkler system to pieces.  If you are not able to afford dog toys or simply can’t be bothered to engage in daily stimulating activities with your dog – then this is not the breed for you.

HUSKIES ARE PACK DOGS AND LOVE TO BE WITH THEIR HUMAN & DOGGIE FRIENDS – If you are the type of person who locks your Husky outside alone all day and night with no access to other canine or human company except for the few minutes it takes for you to throw a couple of dog pellets in a bowl and fill a water dish – then you have no business owning any type of dog, a Pet Rock would be a better fit for you.

HUSKIES HAVE A STRONG PREY DRIVE –  Huskies have been known to hunt and kill chickens, sheep, goats and others small animals like cats, parrots, hamsters.  If you own any of these  – then a Husky is not the breed for you.

HUSKIES DO NOT MAKE GOOD GUARD DOGS – Huskies are very friendly to everyone so if you are considering getting a Husky as a watch dog – then this is not the breed for you.

HUSKIES ARE BRED TO RUN  – Make sure your home and yard are escape proof.  If  Huskies manage to escape, very often they will run and get lost or be hit by a car.  Most huskies cannot be trusted off leash, particularly when they are young so it’s important to exercise them on a harness, leash or in a secure open area.

HUSKIES ARE NOT POSSESSIONS – Too many people buy an expensive puppy with no intention of caring for it properly but merely as a prestige purchase,  “Whoo-hoo look at me I can afford an expensive dog therefore I must be special!”.    A dog is not a possession, like a new car, watch or the latest electronic gadget, it is a living breathing animal that deserves the proper care and treatment that its breed dictates.

HUSKIES SHOULD NEVER BE SHORN / CLIPPED – When a Husky sheds, the undercoat comes out in tufts and so the dog will need to be brushed often.  Their fur coat insulates them from the sun and should never be clipped.  During hot weather it is vital that you provide your Husky with plenty of cool shade and access to lots of cool water to drink. If you cannot provide this, then as I mentioned before, you have no business owning any type of dog, let alone a Husky.

If you are reading this and know someone who already owns a husky and cannot or will not look after it properly, please encourage them to do the right thing;  give their dog up to the nearest Husky Rescue Shelter for adoption, so that it can find the home it deserves. 

On a final note,  neglect comes in many forms, merely feeding and watering your dog is simply not enough; they need companionship, mental stimulation, protection from the elements and exercise too!  A dog truly is mans best friend, such a pity that it doesn’t always work the other way around.

All my love

moi ♥


  1. Reblogged this on Ash The Husky and commented:
    When I see puppy pictures of Siberian Huskies, it takes me back to the ‘tiny days’ of Ash.
    🙂 I miss fitting him in one hand, carrying him around the house that way, and nuzzling up to his plump belly. I’m very happy to have met Asher at 6 weeks, lord, he was already getting so big at 8 weeks when we would have brought him home. We’ve had the chance to raise him from Tiny-ness to now, and there’s still so much more growing to go!

    Chris and I have talked about getting another puppy in the future, this would be after Honey, of course. At her age, she doesn’t need anymore stress.


  2. Sweet man, i’m so glad to hear that, he was racing around the house this morning with my son you wouldn’t believe how protective he is over that little boy (best friends) it’s unbelievable how intelligent huskies are! beautiful animals! Have you noticed if he gets a bit angry his eyes go from blue to black (when he’s playing)? It’s quite interesting.



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