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CAT STYLE – an essential tool for felines

“If cats looked like frogs we’d realize what nasty, cruel little bastards they are. Style.  That’s what people remember.”
― Terry Pratchet, Lords and Ladies

Mr & Mrs Potter moved out of the little house next door to us while Mr T was in the land of Oz; so now we have a new neighbour, Ida.

Ida is owned by two dogs & three cats.

The dogs are named Cheyenne (who looks like a Golden Retriever with black fur) and Angel (a 17 year old Jack Russel with failing senses).  Angel is the antithesis of all things angelic, at least once a day, she and Cheyenne stand on their side of the fence; hackles raised, teeth bared and nose to nose with Paddy and Ruby on our side.  Riotous barking ensues.  Two of the cats are Chiquita & Pepito, elegant, aloof Siamese cats.

Then there is Lexie; a  friendly, fluffy cat who wears the most stylish eye-make up.

We were having “getting to know you” drinks with Ida the other day when I remarked on how beautiful Lexie’s eye were, to which Ida agreed they were indeed beautiful but added that they can be cruel too, especially when Lexie is on a bloodthirsty killing spree.

One of Lexie’s secret sleeping spots is on the roof of Ida’s laundry; these are the images I took of her this morning.

Cat, lexie, cat photography, stylecat

Oh oh, looks like I’ve been spotted. Damn Paparazzi!

Cat, lexie, cat photography, stylecat

Hey wise guy!

Cat, lexie, cat photography, stylecat

Ok, hand over the camera and nobody gets hurt, capisce?

Cat, lexie, cat photography, stylecat

Now, that’s what I call style.

All my love


8 thoughts on “CAT STYLE – an essential tool for felines”

  1. I love rubbing a furry tummy, so I hope she is as accommodating when she passes through your garden. So few of our local cats are, but then that’s probably a good thing with the cats we have. The few that are friendly we can’t get rid of!


  2. Definitely stylish! What a pity we cant learn from cats. Armani who came to lodge at my house for a short while taught me a few lessons about how to live life!



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