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Intelligence resides between us as much as it resides in us. And it resides within the subconscious much more than it does the conscious. We’re just conscious-biased: our conscious mind wants us to think it’s the be all and end all.”
― James Rozoff, The Association

A funny thing happened to me last week, funny-strange not funny-ha-ha.  Seriously folks, we haven’t even reached the end of January yet and I’ve already changed my word for 2016.  No I’m not fickle and yes it is my prerogative to change my mind a million times if I like but that’s not how it happened.

I was all geared up to go ahead with the word DIRECTION, as per my previous blog post and decided to make a couple of screen-savers for my computer in order to be reminded of my word on a daily basis.

So preoccupied was I, choosing images, deciding what size, font and colour worked best for my word that I didn’t realise I had typed the word DISCOVER onto the first screen-saver instead of DIRECTION;  good-naturedly shaking my head and tut tutting to myself, I corrected the mistake, chose another image and continued with my work.  It was only when I downloaded all the completed screen-savers from Canva Design that I realised I had once again unconsciously typed DISCOVER on to yet another image.

moi du toi photography, discover, my word, online photography classes, screensaver download

Mr T says I have a strong tendency to overthink things, like that’s a bad thing!  Well, I take his point, perhaps it’s not always a good thing.  In any case, it seems to me that in this instance when I stopped overthinking and began to do some creative right brain stuff, my left brain snuck up from behind, slapped me upside the head and gave me a more appropriate word for the year.

Sometimes in order to hear what your heart is saying, you need to stop trying so hard to find the answer; relax, have fun, do something creative and the answer will come bubbling up to the surface of your consciousness before you know it.

moi du toi photography, discover, my word, online photography classes, screensaver download

I’m convinced that’s where the saying “Sleep on it”, comes from.  Many nights I’ve lain awake mentally wrestling with a problem, mulling it over and over, eventually nodding off to sleep only to wake up in the morning with some kind of a solution.

In honour of my new word and the manner in which I discovered it (I’m so punny, I crack myself up) I’m making my 2 favourite screen-savers /wallpapers available for download.  All you have to do is click on one of the large images and it will automatically begin to download to your computer.  Happy downloading!

Keep calm and be lekker




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