“There are two means of refuge from the misery of life — music and cats.”
― Albert Schweitzer


Cat riding on a trolley see more at |@moidutoi
Ninha on her wooden chariot

This is the story of Ninha and Lucky, the nursery cats.

I could hardly believe my eyes.  As the man wheeled out the wooden trolley, a cheeky striped cat hopped on and was clearly delighted to be carted around the nursery on her wooden chariot.

Pedro, Mom and Pop run the village garden nursery, Ninha and Lucky complete the happy family.

Ninha was adopted from a local shelter and her full name is Joaninha which means ladybird in Portuguese.


Cat photography

Joaninha was soon shortened to Ninha and sometimes when she’s a bit mischievious they call her El Nino!
Cat photography
Ninha taking a breather
One day Pedro’s mom noticed Ninha spending time with a very scruffy looking kitten.

When she tried to get close the kitten would run and hide, a real animal lover, she persevered and with heaps of love, fresh mincemeat and patience, Pedro’s Mom slowly but surely managed to coax the poor little mite (by now her name was Lucky) until the kitten was eating and sleeping in the garden nursery at night.

cat photography
The beautiful Lucky

One day they noticed that Lucky had a severe burn on her back but she wouldn’t let them near her.

She had clearly endured ongoing cruelty at the hand of other human beings

and wasn’t about to let her guard down under any circumstances.  Not to be outdone, Pedro’s mom laced Lucky’s food with antibiotics, continued with bucket loads of soft talk and tender loving care, Lucky soon became well again.

nursery cats-

It’s been almost two years since then, Lucky has learned to trust again and has become a cherished member of the household.  She and Ninha rule the roost at this delightful family business, overseeing all the goings on and are thoroughly spoiled to boot.

nursery cats-3897
Ninha loves to hop off the roof using Pedros back as a stepping stone


nursery cats-4039
Lucky sharing a playful moment with Pedro’s Mom


nursery cats-3427
It’s a tough job being a nursery cat…


nursery cats-3883
Home is a cat in the window


nursery cats-3540
Madame Lucky gazing down upon her minions


nursery cats-4227
Pedro’s Dad, typical salt of the earth type person. It was his birthday the day of the shoot.


nursery cats-3951
What pussy cat doesn’t love a good brushing?


nursery cats-4014
Ninha checking out the garden stock situation


nursery cats-4168
A sweet moment between Lucky and Pedro


nursery cats-3888

nursery cats-3705

nursery cats-3935
Would you just look at that little pink tongue, cats are hilarious


nursery cats-3658
Deep in thought


cat photography
Wheelbarrow handle, perfect for rubbing up against


Stories like this make my heart sing.  I love a happy ending don’t you?

That’s a wrap friends.  For photographers, I used the Canon 50mm, 85mm and 24mm lenses for this shoot with apertures ranging from f/2.8 to f/5.6.

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Yours ’til the cats meow

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