During my sessions I use direction more than static posing and like to guide my families into a pose, let it unfold naturally and then document it with my camera.

I know the idea of a photo shoot can be stressful, please don’t worry, I’ll tell you exactly what to do and I use games, questions and activities to help everyone relax and interact naturally with each other. Sometimes I’ll step back to get more photo-journalistic type images and other times I’ll come in really close for more intimate photos, my goal is to capture what makes your family special and unique.

CHILDREN – It’s important that we go at the pace of the children, it’s best not to force anything and always expect the unexpected. I NEVER make children smile, if they smile naturally that’s wonderful, if not, that’s also wonderful. Life whizzes by so quickly and we want the images to reflect who and how they are at this moment in time.

Meltdowns sometimes happen and if there’s a meltdown, don’t panic! I’ll keep photographing but it’s key that you (the parents) keep your cool and go with the flow.

If your little girl has long hair, it’s much more flattering and feminine to leave it loose, instead of tying it up in a ponytail or plait. If needed, a pretty clip can be used to keep it out of her face.

PETS LOOKING THEIR BEST – Please let me know if you are thinking of including your pet in the session.  If you’re including your pet in the family shoot, it’s a good idea to bring a towel or damp facecloth to clean eyes or wipe excess gob from their face.  A brush is a good idea for long haired dogs who may get grass or leaves stuck in their fur.

BOWL AND WATER – Pets can get very hot so it’s advisable to have water on hand.

TREATS/BRIBES – Bring your fur baby’s favorite treat along but I only like to use them as a last resort, so best to keep them hidden unless absolutely necessary!

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