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Toddler Birthday Session | Sedgefield | Turning 2 is not easy

This recent session was a first for me. A photoshoot for a toddler turning two years old. Big learning curve. Big. Huge. I'm not really one for props during a family shoot but for this one we had a ginormous birthday cake (that Mom brought), a combination of pink, blue and white helium balloons, soapy… Continue reading Toddler Birthday Session | Sedgefield | Turning 2 is not easy

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Sand & Seawater – family beach shoot

“Each year, we rent a house at the edge of the sea and drive there in the first of the summer—with the dog and cat, the children, and the cook—arriving at a strange place a little before dark. The journey to the sea has its ceremonious excitements, it has gone on for so many years… Continue reading Sand & Seawater – family beach shoot