Natural light Portrait black and white

Sue Bryce, thank you! I know what beautiful looks like …

On my blog, I have displayed mostly images of animals so far.  Partly because it’s an exciting challenge (a bit like riding a psychotic horse out of a burning stable, you NEVER know what is going to happen in pet photography) and because I just love animals.  From a very young age I desperately wanted to be a vet, sadly that’s not how things turned out, so taking photographs of my furry and feathered friends helps assuage some of that lifelong desire.

I digress as usual, try to stay on track Moira!  A few weeks ago, I’m not even sure how it came about but I ended up watching some Sue Bryce photography tutorials on Creative Live and I was so gobsmacked by her images, her brand, her personality and way of working that I was instantly inspired to try some portraits of my own. Continue reading