Angora goat, natural light photography, animal photography


Recently,  during one of our exploratory gallivants, Mr T and I took a look around Timberlake, which is an organic farm village composed of a bunch of little cabins selling various things like specialist cheeses, mohair blankets and socks, various arty nick-knacks, faerie paraphernalia and organic wine.  We came away with some creamy Danish Feta cheese, Olyfberg extra virgin South African Olive oil, two bottles of wine and a promise to return to the faerie shop with a couple of samples of Mr T’s quaint little faerie doors ( a topic for another blog post).

Here are the images from that day…

Old red tractor, Timberlake village, Sedgefield

This old red tractor has definitely seen better days!

Timberlake village, brown goat

Mr Goat had the sweetest little nose…

Rooster, Sedgefield, Timberlake village, animal photography

Mr Rooster was so full of himself, strutting around, bossing all the chickens about!

Angora goat, mohair

I saved the best for last, don’t you agree that this Angora goat is adorable?  The next time you put on your mohair scarf and gloves, spare a thought for the little goat it came from.

All my love