lightroom 5 and notes


Yahoo! After hemming and hawing for ages, I finally bit the bullet and invested in Lightroom 5.  When the courier guy arrived with my parcel, I was like a kid on Christmas day but my enthusiasm started to wane slightly when, after an hour I still couldn’t install the damn thing!  Eventually, I broke down and prevailed upon the son (Remo) to come to my rescue, he is so clever and helpful when it comes to these kinds of things.  Remo is a designer by trade but pretty nifty with the computer related stuff too and it turns out that I just had to clean the “disk reading eye/laser thingy-ma-bob” and we were raring to go.  My dear child, bless his cotton socks, didn’t even roll his eyes once.

One of the first things I noticed about this new version is how different the sliders in the Tone Panel are when compared to Lightroom 3.  I was totally in the dark with these new sliders and forced to dive into online tutorials once again to find out how to use all the latest and greatest new goodies in this version 5.  When it comes to post processing my images, I’m just not a Photoshop person, I prefer the uncomplicated intuitive way that Lightroom works compared to Photoshop with its layers, smart objects and flattening tools. Photoshop just seems too long-winded and complicated for me, generally I only want to change the colour temperature, add a little punch, sharpen and sometimes crop my images, so Lightroom is perfect.

I found the most amazing guy who teaches Lightroom online for FREE, his name is Mark Warren and if you are a brand new beginner to Lightroom check out his Zero to Hero Lightroom series.  Even if you are familiar with Lightroom you are bound to pick up new tips and tricks if you watch these tutorials, if you just want to get a handle on the Lightroom 4 & 5 Develop module and Tone Panel then watch his training video on the Develop Module here.

It also seemed like a good time to tidy up my desktop and hard drive, a bit of early Spring Cleaning.  I love this clever cartoon, ” Desktop Tidying” by Joshua Held, some people are so creative.

Desktop Tidying Joshua Held cartoon

I leave you with this image from last week’s pet photography session of Bacardi, the Siberian Husky puppy using the sand bank under our cottage as his own personal slide.  A puppy needs to amuse himself when the big dogs get tired of playing.

Siberian Husky puupy, pet photography, puppy photography

Later alligators

All my love

moi ♥