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Life goes on

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The time has finally come for the pets to fly to their new home in Mossel Bay, Western Cape, South Africa.  Terry is already there and I will follow shortly in just under two weeks when the household has been packed up and loaded into a container ready to sail across the ocean.

Oh my gosh, these last three years in Mauritius....well, it is best not to look back in anger and with regrets but take with us the positive things (yes there were quite a few) from the experience and move forward with determination and happy intentions for the future.   Here are a couple of images to mark this cycle of endings and beginnings.

Paddington and Ruby ready to roll, foam cushions for the long journey

I’ve been letting the dogs “practice” getting into their traveling boxes for 30 minutes everyday to get them used to it, I bought them new comfy cushions yesterday and as you can see, they are delighted with them!

Patchouli trying out her new box, “we are not amused”

I bought Patchouli aka “She who must be obeyed” a new cushion and box too but she wasn’t even a bit delighted, it’s hard to please everyone!

“You mean my friends are going to fly up in the sky, like the crow?”

About a year ago, we made the acquaintance of Odie, a Mauritian stray of questionable heritage, who kept hanging around our gate, starving and full of mange.  We started feeding him and calling him the Outside Dog, “did you feed the Outside Dog?” and so on.  He eventually became O.D. and finally he ended up being inside the yard instead of outside.  For many reasons, I won’t mention here, we cannot take him with us, he knows something strange is going on, I’ve explained to him that he has to go to a new home and that his pack are leaving to live in their old home country but I’m not sure he understands.  He is going to miss us and we will definitely miss him.

The permits, tests, passports and paperwork needed to move these animals can be a little daunting

Even I have started packing, it must be real…

Hmmm, what to pack and what not to pack?
“When will I see you again?”

Goodbye Odie, good luck brother and remember that even though we are miles apart, we are all still sleeping under the same African sky.  One day, on the far side of this lifetime, we will be together again.  We will never forget you and we love you forever.

Robert Frost said something that is sometimes hard to take….

In three words I can sum up everything I have learned about life: it goes on.

2 thoughts on “Life goes on”

  1. Oh such heartache my friend, I feel the pain…just a little, as I am sure there is…farewell Odie, until we meet again…you are such a charachter…
    Happy travelling to all of you..



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