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Sick as a dog

The patients

Sick as a dog” was one of my mother’s favourite sayings, some of the others were, “I didn’t know him from a bar of soap” and “You’ll be laughing on the other side of your face” and so on, she had an arsenal of sayings but I digress, last week my canine children were sick, sick as dogs.  Paddington has taken to eating anything he can find on the beach, tiny mussels growing on the rocks, bits of washed up crab and weird-looking sea creatures to name a few, Ruby joins in too but she’s nowhere near as bad as Paddy for eating garbage.

Ruby Tuesday, sick as a dog

The whole saga began with Paddington and a heavy dose of diarrhoea.  After a particularly bad night consisting of no sleep but just letting the poor dog in and out of the house every two hours to poop we carted him off to the vet and returned home with a bag full of pills and an empty wallet.  We were no sooner home when Ruby started but she bumped it up a notch by adding vomiting to the symptoms.  Another sleepless night, with the wind howling outside and the rain lashing down, it was no fun standing freezing at the back door every couple of hours waiting for the patients to finish their business in the garden and come back inside.  The final crunch came at 2 am when I heard the telltale heaving sounds of impending retching coming from the kitchen.  I dived out of bed, dashed into the kitchen flipped on the light, oops no light, the power was off!  I bravely made my way to the back door in my besocked feet (don’t judge me, it’s cold at night!) and halfway there I stood in a pile of something wet and slimy, ugh!  This was bad enough but not knowing what end of the dog it had come from made it just that teeny bit worse, I shifted the weight from the ball of my foot to the heel and half limped to the back door and Ruby hurled herself out into the rainy night.

Paddington, sick as a dog

One day I may look back and laugh about that night, fumbling around in the dark during a storm trying to avoid standing in dog puke and having to towel dry wet dogs whilst using my cellphone as a torch, but I’m not ready to laugh about it just yet.

The dogs are both fine now after a week of pampering, special food and antibiotics and happily, I have caught up on my sleep.

Superdog feeling better and dragging his blanket cape around

All my love

moi ♥

19 thoughts on “Sick as a dog”

    1. Do you mean of the dogs Paddy and Ruby? I have been trying to feature other peoples pets so am not putting my own pets in so much but the last post I did on Ruby was called “how do I love thee” and that was sometime in February and Paddy’s last post was last year sometime. If you have a look a the photo gallery tab above and click on dogs you can see some recent images of Ruby and Paddy.



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