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Moira had a little lamb

Moira had a little lamb, its fleece was white as snow. And everywhere that Moira went, the lamb was sure to go.

It followed her to school one day which was against the rules.  It made the children laugh and play, to see a lamb at school.

And so the teacher turned it out, but still it lingered near and waited patiently about, till Moira did appear.

“Why does the lamb love Moira so?”  the eager children cry.  “Why Moira loves the lamb, you know” the teacher did reply.

Okay, so I didn’t really have a lamb but I wanted one, badly.  When I was in nursery school I stole a little plastic lamb from the nativity display at the back of the classroom, I grabbed it with my grubby little hand and stuffed it deep into the pocket of my anorak when no-one was looking.  I reckoned baby Jesus still had a cow, an ass and two other lambs so he was unlikely to miss the third one.

One of my best memories of growing up in Ireland was going on country trips with my Dad, just him and I, driving along and chatting.  We would often see sheep and lambs in the fields, each one with a red, blue or green splotch of dye on its rump, every farm had their own unique mark of ownership.  When I begged my Dad to “Please, please let me have a lamb”, he promised that if I could see one without a mark on it, we would stop and take it home with us and thus I spent hours and hours searching the hills and fields for an unblemished snow-white lamb.

Seeing the lambs whilst Terry and I were out exploring the other side of the bay reminded me of my Dad and that part of my childhood.

Twin lambs in a field near Boggomsbaai, the ocean in the background

We explored a lovely little village called Boggomsbaai, the cottages are quaint and picturesque.

The cottages are Old Cape Thatch style and are available for rental from Sandpiper Guest Cottages.  From July through to October there are Southern Right Whales in the bay and Bottlenose dolphins are spotted all year round.

There is a lovely stone house in the village as well, I wish that I could have gotten a shot of it from the seaside but this image from the road is the best I could do without being arrested for trespassing!

Superb stone house, Boggomsbaai

That’s it for this week folks

All my love

moi ♥

7 thoughts on “Moira had a little lamb”

  1. looks great, you should ask the people that rent these places out to sponsor some of your posts! as advertising for them. 🙂



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