Ginger kitten with bell, pet photography

A taste of Marmalade

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill owned a number of cats, including Nelson, who accompanied him to wartime cabinet meetings, and Jock, who was so beloved that Churchill’s will requires that a Marmalade cat named Jock must live at his estate at all times. Jock V is the current cat incumbent.

I have a very soft spot for marmalade cats and have belonged to at least 5 marmalade cats in my life so far.  My all time favourite was Sparky, a huge, gentle cat with a big round face and enormous paws, it’s been over 6 years since he died and I still miss my “beautiful, beautiful” boy.

Whilst my lovely old girl Ms Patchouli is not ginger she does have a lot of ginger colouring in her fur.

Calico cat, cat on the mat, cat with white bib & paws

Calico cat, white paws, cat on a mat

Last week we happened to drive past this cute little kitten on our way back from walking the dogs so I hopped out of the car and managed to get these sweet images of this friendly little boy.

Ginger kitten with bell

We live in a conservancy with lots of bird life so I suppose that’s why this young man boy wears a bell, my brother Sean thinks belling a cat defeats the object, “It makes them more stealthy!” he says.

Ginger kitten looking up


All my love

moi ♥

15 thoughts on “A taste of Marmalade”

  1. Lovely my friend. I also had a marmalade cat when Carla was small. She has one now too – he is called Thor because she said he had to live with 2 rough boys when he arrived as a small kitten and needed all the help he could get.



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