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MACAVITY : THE MYSTERY CAT |Poetry – A Soft Place To Fall

Hey there peeps, hope you had a fabulous chocolate flavoured Easter!  Here at Custard Cottage there was NO chocolate whatsoever; me and Mr T are trying to fight the battle of the bulge, I'm sorry to say but I think the bulge is winning (insert wistful grin here).  It's so much harder to keep your weight down… Continue reading MACAVITY : THE MYSTERY CAT |Poetry – A Soft Place To Fall

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Sam Smith, the ginger and white neighbours cat, is the friendliest cat I have ever known and if you've been following my blog for some time,  you'll know that I have a very soft spot for Marmalade cats but that is only one of the reasons I think Sam is extra special.   Whenever I… Continue reading PET PHOTOGRAPHY – GINGER CATS HAVE MORE FUN

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A taste of Marmalade

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill owned a number of cats, including Nelson, who accompanied him to wartime cabinet meetings, and Jock, who was so beloved that Churchill’s will requires that a Marmalade cat named Jock must live at his estate at all times. Jock V is the current cat incumbent. I have a very soft… Continue reading A taste of Marmalade