Labrador puppy, sedgefield pet photography


Every bride is beautiful. It’s like newborn babies or puppies. They can’t help it.”

Emme Rollins

What with Mr T having toodled off to Australia for 7 weeks I’ve been kind of busy, doing my chores plus his chores (I’m clocking up brownie points by the minute and expecting a nice pressie when he gets home!). The fact that he arrives home 4 days before my birthday means….MORE PRESSIES!  If you are reading this while languishing on the couch in Melbourne Mr T, the holiday present and the birthday present cannot be lumped together in one lumpy present, okay?

Anyway back to business, while he has been away, I have so far managed to do the lovely Scruffy & Didi photo session in Knysna and another one with the mischievous Marley in our own little village of Sedgefield.

What a hoot Marley is, more energy than a packet of crackers and bright as a button (yes I also noticed all the metaphors) I certainly had my work cut out for me with that little monkey, every time I lay on my belly to try and get some low shots, he’d run over, lick my face and bite my hair.

I spent the first half of the shoot photographing Marley in his home and for our outdoor shots we took ourselves off to Scarab Village, then I went home and had a few glasses of wine and a hot bubble bath to recover!

Here are the images from that day….

Labrador puppy photo session

Labrador puppy pet photography

Labrador puppy pet photos
Looking sweet and angelic

Labrador puppy photography

Golden labrador puppy
Now THAT’S a naughty face!
Yellow labrador puppy
He is only 4 months old now, you can see he is going to be a BIG boy
Pet photography Golden labrador
It’s blatantly obvious that Marley has his human wound tightly around his little paw…

Yellow labrador puppy

Puppy with pinecone
Look Mom, I found a pine cone!

Puppy collage sunset

Puppy outdoor photoshoot

Labrador puppy photo
……AND I found a stick to chew

I began this post with one of my favourite images and I’m ending it with another, what a precious little sausage he is.

Labrador puppy golden

You can access  Marley’s Animoto video here.  In case you were wondering, the music that accompanies the video is a very catchy song called “I like the way you love me” by Cynthia Felton.

All my love

moi ♥


  1. Speaking of lumping presents together – May is my month: Mother’s Day, Anniversary and my Birthday. I almost always go for the lumped gift in this instance. It usually works out pretty well for me. It’s how I got my current camera. 🙂


  2. marley is the most amazing puppy – and Les has done such a good job with being his friend but you have captured them both so beautifully well done


  3. Great photos and what fun you had. I agree on not lumping the 2 deserving pressies into 1. You need one the day he gets back and one (at least) on your birthday! xS


    1. Thanks so much RTBL, to get them sharp always focus on one of the eyes and make sure that your shutter speed is not lower than the focal length of your lens (e.g. 50mm lens don’t go lower than 1/60th of a second) You’ll need a much higher shutter speed than that if your subject is moving though.


  4. Moira, you can just SEE the love in these pics. They’re beautiful!
    And yes, absolutely Mr. T – no trying to combine homecoming gift with birthday prezzie:)-



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