Doctor Who?

“Hospital waits are bad ones. The fact that they happen to pretty much all of us, sooner or later, doesn’t make them any less hideous.”

Jim Butcher, Small Favor

It’s been a rare old rollercoaster ride of a fortnight here at Custard Cottage and we have had our fill of urologists, oncologists, radiologists, anesthetists, nurses, general practitioners and veterinarians – a veritable cornucopia of medical people.

As you may have read from my post HERE, Mr T was diagnosed with prostate cancer so without wasting any time we booked him into hospital for a procedure called brachytherapy. Happily he came through the procedure with flying colours his only complaint being the obligatory enema and a bruised undercarriage.   Phew! One hurdle over, he’s due to see his urologist in January for a check up so we’ll report back then.

hospital theme natural light

Still reeling from the shock of the prostate cancer diagnosis, it was an awful blow when our veterinarian, Dr Rolf Lamprecht, told us that Ruby our beautiful black labbie needed surgery on her eye and he was certain he would need to remove it.  With very heavy hearts we dropped her at the Knysna Veterinary Clinic on Thursday morning, we had Paddington with us because Ruby is terrified of doctors and she needs Paddy as moral support to walk her into the consulting room.

knysna veterinary hospital, black labrador, Dr Lamprecht

None of us had eaten breakfast and reluctant to go home and wait for the vet’s phone call we decided to do a bit of shopping at Fruit & Veg City to stock up on supplies, I bought Paddy a tin of dog food at the same time.  Jeans Bakery (Waterfront Rd, Knysna) is right next door so I popped in and asked the owner if he would allow us to bring our dog into the restaurant as long as we sat outside and would it be possible for him to open a tin of dog food for us.

Jeans Bakery Knysna, Golden Retriever, pet photography

What a great guy and fabulous little eatery, before we knew it, all three of us were tucking into a delicious breakfast, just what we all needed!  The owner was kind enough to send our waitress over with a bowl of water for Paddy to wash his breakfast down with.  Now that’s my kind of restaurant!

Jeans Bakery Knysna, moi du toi photography

It was while we were driving home that Dr Lamprecht called and gave us the good news, Ruby didn’t need to lose the eye after all!  To say that we were all doing the “Happy Dance” is an understatement.  Ruby is back home and her eye is looking great, she has one more check up with her veterinarian this Friday which should give her the all clear.  Thank you Dr Rolf and Knysna Veterinary Clinic for treating our little girl so well.

knysna veterinary hospital, black labrador, Dr Lamprecht

All four of us sort of “decompressed” over the weekend, relaxing and lounging about and I gave myself a pedicure, painting my toenails bright red in honour of life, the support of good friends, the wonders of medical science and the beginning of a long and beautiful summer.

Essie nailpolish, painted toenails, moi du toi photography

All my love


8 thoughts on “Doctor Who?”

  1. Glad to hear everything seems to have gone as well as can be hoped for on all accounts. All the best to you and yours in the coming year. Lovely set of photographs too!


  2. Moira this makes my heart very happy. Im so glad Ruby is doing well and that life in the custard cottage is going better. No more tears please, you break my heart. lots of love from me and pixel



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