puppy photography


 I was going through my archives and came across some sweet images that I took last year July, never used and totally forgot about.  You can find the blog post for the original photoshoot and more images here.

Puppy photography, pet photography, husky, moi du toi

Just chillin’…

Puppy photography, pet photography, husky, moi du toi

Some black and whites…

Puppy photography, pet photography, husky, moi du toi

My favourite…

Puppy photography, pet photography, husky, moi du toi

Beautiful isn’t he?  Makes you want to go out and buy one just like him immediately, doesn’t it?  BEFORE YOU DO PLEASE STOP AND READ MY ADDENDUM AT THE END OF THE ORIGINAL BLOG POST HERE !

Siberian huskies are wonderful, intelligent, loving dogs, but please do your research on this breed first before you go out and buy one.  Husky Rescue South Africa has the following to say on the matter:

A lot of our rescue dogs have been bought as expensive puppies by owners who did not do their homework on Husky behaviour and just wanted a beautiful dog with the blue eyes and a few months later, when these cute puppies start behaving like sled dogs, they find themselves in rescue, on the streets or on death row at the SPCA.

This does not stop at Huskies but is applicable to many specialised dogs like Bulldogs, Collies and Pugs to name a few, who end up living miserable, unhappy lives because their owners were too ignorant and/or lazy to read up on the dog before buying it and are not prepared to put in the extra time and effort that each breed dictates, don’t be that person. 

All my love



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