Free range eggs, happy hen, natural light


I  try to eat free range food whenever I can and in my search for free range eggs, I discovered the “Happy Hen” Brand.  The logo of the little hen doing a happy dance is what made me buy these eggs originally.  I’m a sucker I know but images of happy critters really appeal to me, the little hen is smiling for goodness sake, how could I resist that?

I like the idea of the little chicken who lays my eggs to be allowed to roam freely outdoors in the sunlight and have herself a little dust bath if the mood takes her. 

Free range eggs, happy hen, natural light

One of the other things I really love about these eggs is that nestled inside every carton is a little strip of paper that has a quote printed on it.

Free range eggs, happy hen, natural light

The quote is always positive and uplifting.  What  a beautiful and very clever marketing idea.

Free range eggs, happy hen, natural light

Buying cruelty free products and free range foods supports the humane treatment of animals.  It’s the very least that we as human beings can do.

All my love


P.S. Woo-hoo! This is my 100th blog post, who would have thought I’d manage that?  I think I’ll high-five myself and open the “posh” wine this evening, have it out of a bottle instead of a box for a change.


    1. They also put quotes in their packaging. My latest was a quote from Albert Einstein. “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all sciences.”


  1. We too have happy hens here – the Happy Egg company, see ad link below. I’m 100% behind you when it comes to my eggy weggys – have to be free range, will buy barn raised eggs at a push, can no longer buy “from caged birds” eggs here. Our chief source of eggy weggys is Eggy Bob in the village. His chickens jog all over his farm and their eggs are divine, orange yellow yolks, divine flavor – Bob takes orders, recycles your egg boxes to put his eggys in and brings them to the pub – very civilized. We buy our veggies the same way, from Steve – he grows everything on his allotment, sticks the excess in a truckle and brings it up to the pub. He’s got a honesty jar which you place what you think is a fair price for whatever you take into – its an ancient pot which has cracked so many times it consists more of glue than pottery. The characters at our local are a laugh, all Devon Barmy and some terribly wicked, all have local nicknames and they are the salt of the earth. There is Dodgy Dave, who I think was a gun runner and his job is providing armed support against Somali Pirates, there is Pilot, who is really a pilot for Nordic Air, but once had to catch a train to catch his plane which took off without him, there is Sue and Rae, who lived in the Caribbean for years, building hotels and now retired rum drinkers, there is Posh James, who is hysterical – reall tof, very tall, stay at home husband, married to v. high up solicitor and he has never worked – he raises the kids whilst she works in London, There is Matt (Lurch), who is Megs age and stands 7 foot 3” in his socks, there is Andy the Wood, yes, he supplies the village firewood, there are The Reservoir Dogs, Pat and Mike who walk their dogs down to the pub from the reservoir, she has thalidomide arms which are like little flippers, he is surly but adores her, theres The Triplets Sam Will and Ollie, Sam and Will are identical, Ollie looks completely different, and there is Skid Mark, his name is Mark and he has tummy control problems, and had an incident whilst in his white underpants at the physio. Hence the nick name, and then there are the Pagans, Guy and Heather, he is 10 years younger than she, their hair is dreadlocked and they worship the summer and winter solstice, don’t believe in Christmas, and live in a caravan in the woods, with a wood burner inside. Very cool. We have the Painted Man, who is gorgeous, divorced with two little kids and built like a body builder, with serious body art on his arms and chest. You would not believe half of what goes on is a small village, but the characters are very colourful. Mick the Knob is a London city trader, who smokes so much dope he is rarely focused, but has a lovely retriever called Pirrin. The pub is dog friendly and there are always half a dozen or so lying around or sitting under stools. Lurchers, Terriers of all types, Labradors, retrievers, Italian greyhound, three legged dog, one eyed dog, bedlingham, malamute, spaniels. All lovely.
    God, got a bit side tracked there, and it all started with an egg.



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