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Real Estate Photography | Sedgefield Ichtus BnB | Cola Beach

Have you ever had that experience of walking into a house for the first time and everything about it makes you want to shout “Yes!” out loud? Ichtus seafront B & B, run by Vanessa Myburgh is exactly like that.

With raving five star reviews and a guest book filled with compliments and praise, it’s no wonder this gorgeous holiday get-away is bursting at the seams with visitors during peak season.

As you mount the steps to the front door a tantalising wash of blues and greens flecked with white can be seen though the glass

Once inside, rich colours are everywhere; genius pairing of unlikely hues such as bright orange cushions on a lime green couch is a delight. Atop tables, shelves or window ledges, eye catching and interesting vignettes of unusual objets d’art are tastefully arranged.

Stylish sitting room with colourful sofa and gfireplace at Cola Beach guest house sedgefield fireplace at Cola Beach guest house sedgefield

The front of the guest house, where the dining room and a guest sitting room are situated, is a wall of glass with an uninterrupted of the ocean. Guests breakfasting at the ten seater wooden dining table are often entertained by the breathtaking view of dolphins jumping for joy or surfing the waves.

Dining table and chairs with spectacular view of the ocean at Cola Beach guest house sedgefield

During the months of June to November sometimes whales can also be spotted, the spouting of a spray of water that looks very much like a puff of smoke is a tell tale sign that these huge creatures are around. If you’re really lucky you’ll see them breaching the water or smacking their tails (lobtailing) on the ocean surface.

The breakfasts at Ichtus are legendary and everything is prepared by Vanessa herself. Wearing a colourful knee length apron and happily singing to herself, she decorates plates with swirls of chocolate sauce, whipped cream, tiny yellow violas, lashing of berry compote, lavender flowers, chives or artistic drizzles of balsamic vinegar. If she has enough time she may even pop a sourdough loaf in the oven.

One of Vanessa’s favourite sayings is “We eat with our eyes first”, which of course means that the food needs to be visually appealing as well as delicious. Trust me it is.

Colourful stylish sitting room with fireplace at Cola Beach guest house sedgefield

Dishes such as French toast topped with bacon, avocado and grated smoky boerenkaas, crumpets served with homemade berry compote, cream and toasted almonds or softly poached eggs served on English muffins with garlic butter, topped with steamed asparagus, a creamy cheese sauce and bacon on the side are frequently on the breakfast menu.

There are four tastefully decorated guest rooms each equipped with a beverage station, electronic safe, luxuriously soft gowns and white mule slippers. Oh and did I mention the comforting background soundtrack of the endless push and pull of the waves; coming in, coming in, coming in, going out, going out, going out. Over and over.

Stylish double bed in blue and white colours at Cola Beach guest house sedgefield
Stylish bedroom and sitting room with sea view at Cola Beach guest house sedgefield
Luxury ensuite bathroom and shower in warm colours at Cola Beach guest house sedgefield

When photographing a Real Estate Session I try not to overshoot and take too many images as it just adds to my editing workload once the images are on my laptop. During my time at Ichtus though, I have to admit I took way too many images because everything is just so PRETTY!

cane armchairs in guest house bedroom at Cola Beach sedgfield

Often I need to bring props with me to a real estate photoshoot to stage the rooms and make them look more attractive and inviting, Ichtus is one place I didn’t need to do that; everything is on point, put together and stylish while remaining homely and inviting.

Seagulls flying over the ocean view from Cola Beach guest house sedgefield

…vicinity to the sea is desirable, because it is easier to do nothing by the sea than anywhere else, and because bathing and basking on the shore cannot be considered an employment but only an apotheosis of loafing.― The Collected Stories of E F Benson

Do you really need professional photos of your guest house or holiday rental?

Let’s face it, these days some mobile phones have amazing cameras in them and it can be tempting to take the photographs of your property yourself. I mean why waste money on a professional photographer when you can just use your phone? Or better still, ask Uncle Dick who got a DSLR for his birthday last month, right? Wrong!

The first impression potential guests get of your guest house or holiday rental is from the quality and quantity of your online photographs. If the images are amateurish and unappealing it’ll be almost impossible to get bookings from travellers both local and international.

In fact, Expedia reports that doubling the number of images of your property on OTA sites can increase your booking rate by 4.5%.

“There is a substantial sum associated with the time and experience we have invested to become proficient at what we do, as well as the personal risks we often take. Taking snapshots may only involve pressing the camera shutter release, but creating images requires skill, experience and judgement.― Expedia

Sunset over the sea view from Cola Beach guest house sedgefield

moi du toi photographing a family session on brenton on sea beach

About the photographer

Moira is a Lifestyle Photographer based in Sedgefield, South Africa.

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