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Personal Branding Session | Travel Bloggers | Knysna

Seasoned travel professional and former tour operator Louise Pannell has teamed up with friend and colleague Vicky Tricker to start a travel blog called Globetrotting Grandmère. Louise has a cornucopia of travel stories to share after 25 years of researching and arranging exclusive luxury tours for discerning international clients to worldwide destinations. They recently commissioned… Continue reading Personal Branding Session | Travel Bloggers | Knysna

sourdough bread and bag personal branding photoshoot Cola Beach sedgefield knysna
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Branding Shoot | Papillon Sourdough Bread | Sedgefield

Not content to keep herself busy running a successful seafront Guest House in Sedgefield, multi talented teacher, writer, poet and seamstress Vanessa Myburgh decided to try her hand at the art of baking her own special brand of sourdough bread. Baking bread in itself is an art but sourdough bread, now that's another challenge entirely.… Continue reading Branding Shoot | Papillon Sourdough Bread | Sedgefield

knysna and garden route photographer moi du toi photographs the sedgefield market garden group harvesting organic vegetables

Branding Session | Organic Market Garden | Sedgefield

This group session was a little different from my normal family/group photo shoots because instead of frolicking in a field of wild flowers or running wild and free on the beach, this group (Juan, Katja, Waldo, Tilani & Simon the dog) wanted to be photographed harvesting their full moon crop of fresh leafy greens from… Continue reading Branding Session | Organic Market Garden | Sedgefield