Three Schnauzers sitting on a couch, Pet photography, dogs

Pet Photography – Schnauzer Shoot in Mossel Bay

Phew! I finally managed to get a blog post out this week, the last two weeks I’ve been tied up moving house, phone and internet but thankfully we are 99.9% unpacked and settled in our new home now and next week  I’ll post some images of my favorite things/places in our cosy Custard Cottage.

Just before we moved I managed to squeeze in one last Mossel Bay photo shoot.  Allow me to introduce three adorable Schnauzers: Ula, Moku and Yuki.  They all live together in a quaint little house on a hill, overlooking Mossel Bay Harbour with their human daddy, Beni.  Every morning they trot downstairs and act as client liaison in Beni’s hair salon below, helping to keep the customers entertained and satisfied.

Schnauzers with pink collar, Pet photography, dogs

Moku waiting at the bottom of the stairs to greet incoming clients

Ula is a  silver-haired girl and was the first of Beni’s Fur Babies to arrive, Moku and Yuki are brother and sister and are charcoal in colour.

Silver female schnauzer, pet photography, dogs, Schnauzer with sunglasses.

Ula, looking stylish with pink collar and matching sunglasses

Yuki, being the only male is quite a bit larger but quieter in nature than the other two.

Male Schnauzer, pet photography

Yuki looking dignified and handsome

Dog Collar, pet photography

Yuki’s collar detail

Schnauzers , pet photography, dogs


Schnauzer is a dog breed than originated in Germany and their name comes from the German word for Mustache.

Schnauzer female, pet photography, dogs

Female Schnauzer

Moku, a beautiful bearded lady

They are well-known for their beards and distinctive eyebrows and as you can see from the images that follow, Ula, Moku and Yuki have their bodies shaved but Beni leaves the hair on their legs long and curly.

Three Schnauzers, dogs,  pet photography

Alert and protective, 3 little doggies keep watch out of the salon window

Schnauzers are friendly, loving dogs and quickly become part of the family and their alert nature makes them excellent watchdogs.

Female Schnauzer, pet photography, dog

How adorable is that face?

Female Schnauzer, pet photography, dog

Female Schnauzer, pet photography, dog

Ula looking very ooo-la-la

Female Schnauzers, pet photography, dog

Who? Us? Never!

Schnauzers, pet photography, dogs

Their fluffy legs look like bell bottom trousers…

Schnauzer, pet photography, dogs

Oops! dropped one though the slats…

Female Schnauzer, pet photography, dog

Moku having a quiet moment

Three Schnauzers sitting on a couch, pet photography, dogs

Group shot

Dog collar pink

Close up of Ula’s collar

Female Schnauzer, pet photography, dogs

Ooo – la – la!

Three Schnauzers sitting on a couch, pet photography, dogs


All my love

moi ♥