child photography

Let’s have a party!

Photographing kids at a party is definitely not for sissies! They are like little bunnies moving at the speed of light, one barely has time to focus and the little monsters are gone again!

Here are my images from Miss A’s 4th birthday party (the little girl on my blog header) and even though my composition went slightly to hell-in-a-handbasket (there was cropping involved) I did manage to get some sweet images.

If you want to get in close, then click on any image to see the larger version!

And I just could not resist adding another image of this sweet little boy with cake crumbs on his top lip…

Until later…



3 thoughts on “Let’s have a party!”

  1. I have the same problem trying to take photos of my fur children – very uncooperative models – tsk tsk.
    Superb shots M – love the combo of the colour and black and white pics together.
    🙂 Mandy xo


    1. Thanks skat! ‘Twas not easy, bit nerve racking but I learned a lot! 🙂
      Soon we can go shooting together in your lovely neck of the woods, just need to find someone to take care of my kids for a night or two!



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